Kinsley Williams, 2020 Fairest of the Fair

If I could have only one word to describe my time as Fairest of the Fair, it would be unforgettable.

Throughout my reign, I have had multiple opportunities to shine a light for Sevier County all over the state, and to represent the Fairest of the Fair organization. The Tennessee Fairest of the Fair organization has been close to my heart for the past several years, and meeting people through the system has been some of my favorite memories in pageantry. For my service this year, I have enjoyed the opportunity to be a pageant judge and emcee for so many pageants, especially the Miss Shining Star pageant that is close to my heart. Doing so has helped me realize my love for it. I hope to be able to continue to be a pageant judge and emcee following my reign as a way to give back to the pageant industry. To Rhoni Standefer, Paige Seidel, Holly Sylvester, Deana Evans and to my director Summer Blalock, thank you so much for giving me these outlets and opportunities, I am forever grateful!

However, I have also experienced loss this year. In November my grandfather, Army Staff Sergeant Ronnie Williams unexpectedly passed away. He was a highly decorated top 1% Army Airborne Ranger during the Vietnam War. Even though my grandfather came home physically after his service, he never did mentally. He was my hero. I loved him beyond words, and to the end he always supported me and loved me with everything he had. He gave way to my pageant platform called Home of the Brave, where I have had the opportunity to advocate for our military members and veterans. I get to push for an array of issues that affect them and their families. This is my special way to continue his legacy and to show my personal passion for our servicemen and women.

If I could specifically thank every single person who has helped me in some way during my reign, my list would go on much longer than you would like it to. But to name a few, I would like to thank my director Summer Blalock, for giving me the opportunity to compete last year by making the pageant open county and giving girls like me not from Sevier County a chance to represent your organization. As my director, she has worked with me tirelessly to get me ready for Tennessee State Festivals, and has promoted me for events, and kept me busy as Fairest of the Fair. Summer, I am so thankful for all of your help this year, but also I am very grateful for our personal friendship that has also given way from my time as your titleholder. To Ms. Stacy Anderson and Trever Lane, thank you for believing in me since my first day as queen and for pushing and motivating me always. To my sister queens, namely my Ms. sister Byrgundy Mallory, I am so thankful for your coaching, encouragement, and push for me to be the best titleholder I can be. This year Byrgundy and I have been inseparable as sister queens and friends. I will miss our appearances together and attending events with you, and of course, you always straightening my crown. To all of my pageant sisters in the AmeriFest system and pageant systems beyond who I have gained friendships with this year, thank you for making my reign much more memorable than you know. I would also like to thank all of my family and friends, notably my parents, grandparents, cousins, and boyfriend, for supporting me along my pageant journey and every journey in my life to follow. Last but not least, thank you to my God on the throne today who gives us everything, and for giving me this chance to learn through this experience.

To my successor, if I could give you one piece of advice that will help you through your time as queen: always be kind, true to yourself, and enjoy the ride! Soak in every second of your crowning, and remember to be kind to every single person you come in contact with! Before you know it, time will pass you by just like it has me. But keep moving forward through your challenges this coming year and lean on the people around you for support, you won’t regret it! And of course, speak up for issues and values important to you, you have no idea how much influence you’ll have on those around you. You never know what girl, big or little, is looking up to you for guidance and motivation for her journey. Enjoy your reign this next year, my reign has been one I will absolutely never forget.

For the last time and signing off, I am your Miss Sevier County Fairest of the Fair,

Kinsley Williams.