Sevier County Fair COVID-19 Operating Plan:

This document summarizes SCF’s communication with the general public and will be published on the Fair’s website.  We expect to update this material as frequently as events unfold.

*The Sevier County Fair is proud to be a partner in our community as we all come back stronger than ever.  We are committed to providing a safe, clean, positive environment to help you and your family come and enjoy the activities.  

What restrictions will be in place?
*Outdoor areas, our arena bleacher seating will be limited and marked off* Fairest of the Fair tent seating will be separated in sections

*Food Pavilion tables will only have 6 chairs and tables will be appropriately distanced

*Indoor Facilities allows guest to adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines

*We will be monitoring social distancing

*Any vendors offering services will be required to be separated by appropriate distance and must demonstrate cleaning and disinfection practices

*Hay Wagon Seating will be spaced in accordance with the TN Pledge

What is happening to enhance the safety and cleanliness of the Fairgrounds?

*Our Volunteers will be temperature tested before each shift

*We will provide masks, gloves and how to use them based on CDC guidelines

*Our Volunteers will be provided sanitizing stations

*Our Volunteer common areas will be limited for social distancing


*Restrooms will be cleaned with sanitizing solutions several times a day

*We will have signage placed throughout the Fair encouraging distancing, hand washing and other safe practices

*We are committed to communicating with our vendors, fair-goers and entertainers

*We are providing hand sanitizer in all areas of the fairgrounds

What process can participants and fair-goers and other guests expect for entry?

*Signage will be posted at the entrance asking/informing guests the following:
~Have you had exposure to COVID-19 in the past 14 days?      

~Have you experienced:              

Cough or shortness of breath?  Fever?  Loss of taste or smell?       

 ~You are at an increased risk for COVID-19 if you are:               

  • 65 years or older, have underlying lung/asthma conditions, have heart complications, suffer from diabetes, liver disease, sever obesity or otherwise immune-comprised               
  • Your health is your responsibility

*We reserve the right to institute further COVID-19 screening to ensure guests are not endangering others

*Any guest who has had symptoms or exposure will not be allowed in the venue

*Guests will be invited to use hand sanitizer stations upon entry and exit