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Sevier County Fair’s Got Talent Rules & Policies

(not affiliated with America’s Got Talent)

1) Division 1 is for anyone 8 to 12 years old as of August 16, 2022. Division 2 is for anyone 18 years old and up as of August 16, 2022.

2) Contestants can sign, dance, play an instrument, dance, or be a comedy act. Can be a solo act or a group. If a group, all must be in same age division.

3) Sorry no dangerous or life threating acts. Fire is not allowed. Acts are not to exceed 5 minutes. Any act over 5 minutes will be disqualified.

4) Open to amateurs only. No professional is allowed to enter. Professional is defined as anyone who receive at least ½ your income from performing.

5) All contestants will use sound system provided.

6) Music/tracks must be of the highest quality provided by you on a thumb/zip drive or CD. No phones or tablets. Karaoke accompaniment will be allowed, but you cannot sing with the artist. Music on your entry form cannot be changed for performance.

7) No teacher or parent will be allowed on the stage during the contest unless as a musical accompaniment.

8) Any act may drop a member as listed at the time of registration, but you may NOT add or replace a registered member.

9) Comedy and songs MUST be family friendly.

Register at www.sevier or call the fair office at 865-453-0770 for more information.
There is a $10 entry fee per act (includes fair admission).

Prizes for each division will be 1st place – $75, 2nd place – $50, and 3rd place $25.

Judges’ decisions are final.